Government of Alberta

Implements and administers the Strategy, participates on AWC and WPACs and provides staff to assist WSGs
• Timely response to AWC recommendations
• Review and approval of water management plans
• Technical and administrative support for partnerships

Watershed Stewardship Groups

Local orgs taking actions to protect or enhance their watershed. They may also high-light issues for GoA, AWC or WPACs.
• Taking community action to safeguard Alberta water resources
• Input into WPAC activities and submission of issues to AWC

Watershed Planning Advisory Councils

Multi-stakeholder bodies work with GoA in basin planning and evaluation. May also share issues with AWC or WSGs.
• Maintaining leadership in watershed assessment and planning
• Advice and support for WSGs and presentation of issues to AWC

Alberta Water Council

Monitors strategy implementation, champions goals and identifies projects to would benefit from input from WPACs and WSGs.
• Timely and strategic advice given to governments, industry and NGOs
• Body of knowledge expertise on specific water issues