Step 1: Invite key stakeholders to participate in developing a watershed management plan

Step 2: Determine How participants will work together

Step 3: Establish the structure under which participants will contribute
Step 4: Prepare a state of watershed report to understand the current condition of the watershed Step 5: Identify priorities and the scope and scale of planning activities
Step 6: Prepare and confirm support for the terms of reference
Step 7: Develop a communications plan and engagement strategy
Step 8: Identify outcomes, objectives and indicators
Step 9: Develop, evaluate and select preferred management actions
Step 10: Draft and confirm support for the plan
Step 11: Build the foundation for successful implementation

Step 12: Establish and implementation committee

Step 13: Implement the plan
Step 14: Monitor implementation and outcomes

Step 15: Evaluate and report on implementation and outcomes
Step 16: Adapt the plan to new information